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Web Apps

We create easy-to-use and functional applications to support your business projects. In the era of e-commerce, the strategy of automation of your work with your customers is economically sound. Web applications are very popular and effective due to their cross-platform architecture and may cover the large number of customers, especially with the growing popularity of mobile devices. We present only fast, high-tech software products with rich graphics and user-friendly navigation, that is the basis of professional presentation of your products and getting new customers.

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Mobile Apps

Internet users more often use their mobile devices for entertainment and for performing online purchases. So if your service is not presented on mobile platforms, you lose an opportunity of growing your business. Clients appreciate the speed and convenience and they get attached to such applications. This makes a positive impression about your brand and attract more and more clients!

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QA Services

How many of your clients were unable to place an order or felt unhappy with incorrect functioning of your application? Do you even know about such facts? The client always gets upset, when he finds bugs in the application. If this happens, he usually decides not to return to it, and forms an appropriate opinion about your product or even business. The quality of products as well as services is the main component of the brand and is the face of your business. That is why the thorough testing of the results of your work is, first of all, a customer care, who appreciates this very much.

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UI/UX Design

User interface - is not only the convenient location of controls, but, first of all, is a means of attracting clients and monetization for your application. Correct layout of design elements along with controls, forms a brand’s loyalty for your clients. Memorable design and interactive elements form positive effect and force your customers to use the application more often.

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Search Engine Optimization service is the most efficient method for creating user traffic, improving sales and reaching your business goals. Our SEO Team helps you in achieving the top ranking in the search results list of companies in your business arena. To advance your business products, we use the most optimal search parameters and advertisement in social media networks. This is the very effective method of attracting more customers to your application or WEB resource.

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Any application requires its support and constant availability for its users, as any technical downtime may lead to financial and reputational loss. Thus, using Cloud-technologies is a very good method of providing a stable performance of any WEB application. After all, you don’t want to lose a big client, do you?

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We always have something to surprise you
  • Flexible project management with scrum/kanban

    We use the most effective software development methods, such as Scrum/Kanban, based on iterative and incremental development. This allows making changes to a project directly during the development process.

  • Dedicated Team works only on your project

    Nowadays dedicated team service is getting more and more popular and QCoders offers customers this avenue of cooperation. If a customer already has a startup project, it will be more cost effective to work with our dedicated team, instead of hiring local developers.

  • SaaS Cloud Solutions administration

    Cloud Computing and Software as a Service have become popular among most people who work with computers, and QCoders. SaaS customers have no need to buy hardware or software or to install, maintain, or update them.

Our Mission

There's something that drives us and motivates

Take a look at the services we provide and the benefits of working with us. Get a free Quote from our New York office - fast, easy and hassle-free.

We know what you as a customer expect from us, as for many years we were in your shoes in search of the ideal software development company. Our search led us to create our own company, where we can implement our unique approach to software development.

All companies basically use the same approach - they identify the needs of the client, sign the terms of reference, and one in one of his performing. It seems to be an all right method, but this is precisely where the problems lie, since the customer usually only figuratively understands what result he or she would like to see at the end. From that moment on begins an ongoing correction of the product, which often lead to the code refactoring, which naturally leads to an increase in the budget, sometimes as much as twice as the original estimate. Not very nice to budget one amount, but in the end to pay twice as much, right?

This is the problem we encountered when we ourselves paid two times more than the planned budget for a project and decided that this needed to change - and so was born the idea of creating a new kind of software outsourcing company, one that would be able to implement a correct concept of project management.

What do we do? Our software turns your technical requirements into User Stories. Our UI designers put themselves in the place of your end-users and, using specialized software, create a prototype for you. Interacting with the prototype will give you a chance to evaluate and gauge how accurately we approached the development of your final product.

Upon request, we may request an evaluation by external experts in the particular field with which we are working; some of them are project evaluators and analysts working in venture capital funds. It is these people that give a first assessment of the profitability of your project.

With the optimization of our internal processes, we were able to reduce the cost of building a prototype to a minimum, as we understand that this is the basis of a successful implementation of your project with minimal costs involved.

After the implementation of the prototype, we create a Front End Interface, i.e. we create a static template with interaction, where you can already see the appearance of the product and interact with it, and only after that do we create a dynamic back-end for sharing data with the database.

Naturally, the entire project is controlled through our improved scrum process, visualized on the kanban board, where you as a customer can also interact with the developers by adding your comments and suggestions.

Our experience shows that this approach is more effective and leads to the lowest possible costs at all stages of implementation - and that sets us leagues apart from our competitors.

- Serge Shilnov CEO/QCoders LLC.

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